Social Security

Social Security

Social Security will affect most people’s lives in one way or another. Social Security offers retirement benefits, survivor’s benefits and two major disability benefit programs. Often times clients become overwhelmed at the initial stages of the application process. At Fernandes & Fernandes PA, we will guide you through the lengthy social security process, from beginning to end. We are committed to finding which benefit is right for you and aggressively pursuing your claim. Social Security’s rules and regulations are lengthy and complicated. They can be found in Social Security’s Code of Federal Regulations.

At Fernandes & Fernandes PA, you will always have an experienced attorney to guide you through these cumbersome regulations. Social Security does not require its representatives to be licensed attorneys, however, at Fernandes & Fernandes PA, you will always have a licensed attorney working your claim. Why hire a non attorney representative, when you could have a licensed attorney for the same price? Our Law Firm has represented the disabled since 1992 and has a combined 39 years of experience. So remember, you can hire an experienced disability lawyer, like us, for the same price as a non-attorney representative.

Contact an experienced Social Security Disability Attorney

Contact us at any time. Whether you have been denied, or are just starting the disability application process, we are here to provide qualified representation and help you navigate Social Security’s system in your time of need. There are no fees in the Social Security process unless you win. You can find out more about us by contacting us online or calling (352)-378- 5800 for a free consultation.


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